Thursday, 29 October 2015

Last night at the disco....

Our last night and it was disco time, lots of high quality dancing and new friends made from Craiglockhart PS. 

The calmest canoeing experience.

Last activity for our group on the loch and what an end to the day, so calm.

Steven our instructor took us up to the top and we had races. Katie fell in three times and Mr Armstrong and Howard sunk their boat!! 

Climbing and abseiling on the last day.

We were lucky enough to get a climbing experience split between the indoor walls and the outdoor quarry.

Lucky we practised as the quarry was massive. Everybody abseiled inside and conquered their fears with even bigger challenges outside.

Star of the day: Terri wins but Aaron and Hamish also ran her close on the quarry cliff.

Overcoming our Fears on the High Ropes Course